Exceptional community-based services.

Solid Rock On Which We Stand offers a variety of services that support adults with developmental disabilities. Each service has a heavy focus on community integration and education. We work closely with each individual to discover their personal goals and aspirations and fully support their growth and development to reach their highest potential while loving everyone as they are created.

ADS Arriving Inside
Adult Day Support Program

Solid Rock’s Adult Day Support Program (ADS) offers daytime services at our headquarters in Chardon, Ohio, that nurtures, develops independence, and ensures that the individuals we serve feel safe and included. Daily activities at Solid Rock are individualized to meet each person’s needs, interests, and lifestyle to grow their self-esteem and self-worth. Participants develop everyday skills and enjoy cooking, planning group outings, and exploring new hobbies alongside our highly trained staff. Our goal is to create an authentic family atmosphere where everyone can shine and support each other. The ADS also has a ‘push out model’ where we pair our individuals and their talents and interests with volunteer opportunities in the community.

Employment & Job Coaching

Solid Rock partners with local businesses and organizations to place individuals in jobs throughout Geauga County. Before placement, we work closely with each person to discover their gifts and strengths while challenging them to contribute those gifts to their peers and the local community to have a far-reaching effect. In turn, this creates an excellent opportunity for us to also educate the community about inclusion and how to interact with someone with developmental disabilities confidently. We are always looking for new opportunities for those we serve. Contact us here.

Representative Payee Services

Solid Rock holds dual certification with both the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) as an authorized representative payee. We offer expert and confidential assistance to the individuals we serve, from budgeting their fixed income to monthly bill paying, budget review, and future goal setting and maintaining eligibility for benefits.

Transportation Services

Safe and reliable transportation is a must for the individuals we support at Solid Rock. We have wheelchair-friendly and large and small group vehicles at the ready equipped with everything needed to travel comfortably for everyone. Whether it’s a ride to and from work or a community outing, we can make it happen.

Our Impact

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