Our Team

Our Team

Tiffany Smetana | Owner & CEO

Tiffany Smetana obtained her degree in Psychology from Bowling Green University in 2004 and entered the DD field in 2006. She gained experience working in a school setting with children having moderate to severe Autism and also helped develop and run a residential home for adults before establishing Solid Rock in 2011. Having worked every aspect of the business, including DSP, Site/Program Manager, and Human Resources, Tiffany has the ability to see each piece of the puzzle, guiding the Solid Rock program to success.  A certified Behavioral Intervention trainer, Tiffany enjoys teaching staff and community members to see the world through the eyes and perspective of an individual with DD. Tiffany is deeply passionate about the work that she does, the clients that Solid Rock supports and takes great pride in mentoring others to achieve their full potential.

Julie Bradley | Program Manager

Beginning her career in 2004 and joining Solid Rock in 2016, Julie Bradley has many years experience in the field of DD. Her knowledge spans a multitude of diagnoses, though most notably, Autism. A certified Behavioral Intervention trainer, Julie does well in assisting clients who need behavioral support. As Program Manager, Julie’s main goal is quality assurance and she works with DSPs and Site Managers to evaluate, adjust and achieve everyday victories that culminate in both lifelong success for our clients and job satisfaction for our staff and their careers. Julie is genuinely passionate about her work and enjoys building cohesive and successful teams.

Tiffany Lengel | Program Manager

Starting in the healthcare field as an STNA in 1998, Tiffany Lengel brought a multitude of experience when she began her career as a DSP with Solid Rock in 2015. Working her way through the ranks, Tiffany is always up for a challenge and thrives on building and improving in everything she does. Tiffany has a long standing history of experience working with clients with behavioral challenges, is extremely calm under pressure and has an excellent rapport with both her clients and her staff. Tiffany works with Julie in supporting the Solid Rock program, ensuring quality and excellence.

Justin Smetana | Client Support & Social Media Coordinator

Justin Smetana obtained his Associates in Early Childhood Education from Florida Southern College in 2003.  Afterwards, Justin played professional baseball through independent league in Indiana before taking time to heal from a significant baseball injury and subsequent surgery.  After his recovery, Justin was introduced to the DD field in 2005.  Justin was as a respite care provider and also worked in a high school unit, helping young students with moderate to severe Autism transition into the next chapter of their lives.  Justin then gained several years of experience in the residential area of the DD field, supporting adults in home and community settings before helping establish Solid Rock in 2011.  Having himself, been diagnosed with Level 1 Autism in 2017, Justin brings a unique perspective to our program.  Often able to understand more deeply, the viewpoint of our clients, Justin works to support both clients who need additional behavior support and the staff who serve them.  Justin also serves as Solid Rock’s Social Media Coordinator.

Andrea Murphy | Human Resources Manager

Andrea’s career began in the UK, delivering financial expertise and developing staff for the UK Government, motor trade and a Global corporation. After working in a local psychology practice, Andrea joined the Solid Rock family in early 2019. Taking great pride to ensure all Solid Rock staff are supported, Andrea works tirelessly to ensure we are constantly improving and turning our goals into reality. She always makes herself available to staff to ensure their needs are addressed and their job experiences are positive.